Parents must attend a preparatory class before having their child baptized. Please contact the parish office three months before the birth of your child to schedule the class with a priest at (701) 437-2791.

First Reconciliation, Confirmation, First Holy Communion
In the Diocese of Fargo First Reconciliation is received in 2nd grade and Confirmation & First Holy Communion are received in the 3rd grade. To learn more, please contact the parish office at (701) 437-2791.

Holy Matrimony
To be married at any of the parish churches, at least one of the engaged couple must be a practicing Catholic. Please contact the parish at least seven months prior to the wedding. Please contact the parish office at (701) 437-2791.  Wedding Policy Handbook.

Anointing of the Sick
Please do not wait until you are on your death bed to be anointed. Please plan ahead as the priest isn't always immediately available. If you are in doubt of whether you should be anointed, please contact the parish office at (701) 437-2791.


Please see the Fargo Diocese website for more information on sacramental policies.